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last update: 1999/DEC/20

Do you know that very small Java runs on 3Com's Palm? Sun KVM Page
KVM calculator Kcal
Robot Language Interpreter KRobot


A very simple calculator runs under KVM.
Programmed by Shozo TAKEOKA.

Touch the nose of Duke, Kcal beams the number to another Kcal !!!

KCAL2.7 for KVM_DR3 Binary
KCAL2.7 for KVM_DR3 Source Kcal27dr3src.zip

KCAL2.7 for KVM_DR4 Binary Kcal27dr4.zip
KCAL2.7 for KVM_DR4 Source Kcal27dr4src.zip


A very simple Integer calculator runs under KVM.

KCAL1.1 Palm Binary Kcalprc.zip
KCAL1.1 Source Kcalsrc.zip


An interpreter of the graphics language
Robot, which is written in KVM.
Programmed by Shozo TAKEOKA.

some example of KRobot program.

KRobot binary for KVM_DR4 krob.zip
KRobot source for KVM_DR4 krobsrc.zip

Sun's KVM Pages

KVM_DR4.1 (Early Access 0.2)
get the KVM_DR4.1!!! http://developer.java.sun.com/developer/earlyAccess/kvm/
This archive contains KVM, ClassFile, Development Kit.
You must be a member of JDC to get this archive.

KVM DR3 (JavaOne Version)
get the KVM_DR3(kvm.prc)!!!
get the KVM_DR3 ClassSet(kvm.pdb)!!!
get the KVM_DR3 SDDK!!! SDDK contains some example and document.

KVM homepage
KVM whitepaper

Valuable Pages

KVM Application Archive
3Com Developper Zore you can get POSE(Palm OS Emulator) here

Kcal Development Environment

see: kcal/Makefile.bsd

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