Star Trek Game (Scheme Version)

70's old game 'Star Trek'.
Further information is found here, Pete Turnbull's WebPage .

I have rewritten a StarTrek game in Scheme Language(a diarect of Lisp).
I have tested only MIT/GNU Scheme.

You can play under Windows, BSD, MacOSX, Linux etc..., Be independent from OS!!!

You may install following one, and play.

To start StarTrek, in Scheme Prompt:
(load "trek.scm")

Download Lisp Version of Star Trek (trek.scm)

Revision histry
Latest version(Ver. 1.2.4; 2007/FEB/24)
Phaser bug fixed(Ver. 1.2.1; 2007/JAN/30)
numerical number display improved(Ver. 1.1; 2007/JAN/03)
First release(Ver. 1.0; 2007/JAN/01)

Star Trek Reference manual

Navigation reference

Coordinates System

displayed (X,Y) means
Enterprise is at (5,0) below figure

Direction specification (Warp/Torpedo)

*You can specify with real number (ex. floating point).

Command reference


Library Computer Commands

Prolog Version of Star Trek (trek.pl)
Lisp Version of Star Trek (trek.lsp)